What are we researching for?
The concrete is material that is used most commonly for structures, houses, and some other purposes. Thanks to technological development, the possibility of using concrete become much more huge than it was. Moreover because of variety of required concrete performances and possibility to extend concrete performances, many trials and researches are still being executed in the whole world.
On the other hand, well-known concrete performances, such as strength, E-modulus, workability and so on, are on the way of research as well. Surely these attempts are needed. And it is well-understood that we do not know about the concrete well.
Now there is enormous number of branches of research in concrete field.

Although we do not know about the concrete well, it is high time that we unify these researches from fundamental attitude. That is 'What are we researching for?'

The objective of 'Concrete Genome Project' that is being executed in our laboratory is to complete a virtual concrete world in computers and optimize concrete mixture using a Genetic Algorithm.
We should make concrete genes as concrete mixture. We should make extract the information from the concrete genes. We should represent concrete performances from the information. This project can be comparable to 'Genome Project'.
And our final objective is to optimize the concrete mixture under many required performances.

At this moment, we have already done several steps of research and made a 'blueprint' of this project. Of course further improvement are required for these steps.

These are steps that have been already done.

1. To assemble the basic concrete knowledge.
-> covered almost all of the previous papers in Japan

2. To make concrete performances prediction models
->covered almost all of the previous knowledge empirically

3. To develop a method of evaluating the performances according to the required performances.
->developed the method suitable for GA

4. To develop an optimization method under plural requirement condition (multicriteria problem)
->developed the original GA for solving multicriteria problem

To accomplish this project, improvement studied prediction models, development of quantitative analysis method for concrete appearance, development of evaluation method for environmental load, and further improvement of optimization method under multicriteria are under study in our laboratory.

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