Enforced carbonation of cementitious materials

M. Zajac, I. Maruyama, A. Iizuka, J. Skibsted,?Enforced carbonation of cementitious materials, Cem. Concr. Res. 174 (2023) 107285.

The International Congress on Cement Chemistry (ICCC) is held once every four years and is the most important international conference on cement chemistry in the industry. The plenary of this international conference requires writing a review paper, and once every four years, a special issue is published in Cement and Concrete Research (IF = 11.4, the highest in the industry). This time, I wrote a review paper for the keynote speech. Recently, the reaction of cement materials with CO2 has become a hot topic all over the world, but this time Dr. Zajac of Heilderberg will discuss the latest technology from the perspective of what it means to force carbonation.Wet carbonation It was jointly compiled by Professor Iizuka of Tohoku University, the founder of

Are you curious about using CO2 sequestration technologies and circularity in cement and concrete? Take a look at our recently published review paper in the Cement and Concrete Research journal.

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