In 1886, the Imperial College of Technology (from 1897) was established by merging the Faculty of Engineering, which had been separated from the Faculty of Science of the former University of Tokyo, and the College of Engineering, which was under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Engineering. At that time, it consisted of seven departments: civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, mining and metallurgy, and applied chemistry. After that, in 1919, the graduate school system was abolished and it became the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Imperial University. In 1942, the Hongo area (Hongo Ward, Tokyo) was renamed the First Faculty of Engineering, and the Second Faculty of Engineering was established in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.

In 1949, when the Faculty of Engineering was established under the new system of the University of Tokyo, the Department of Civil Engineering (currently the Department of Civil Engineering), the Department of Architecture, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Precision Engineering, the Department of Marine Engineering (currently the Department of Systems Innovation), and the Department of Electrical Engineering (currently the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering). , Department of Instrumentation Engineering (currently Department of Physical Engineering and Department of Mathematical Engineering), Department of Petroleum Engineering (discontinued in 1951), Department of Mining (currently Department of Systems Innovation), Department of Metallurgy (currently Department of Materials Engineering), Department of Applied Chemistry (currently Department of Applied Chemistry) ・It consisted of 11 departments (Department of Chemical System Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology). At the same time, the Institute of Production Technology was established based on the Second Faculty of Engineering.

After that, the departments were integrated, newly established, and renamed, and now there are 16 departments. Because the Faculty of Engineering has reorganized its departmental organization in line with the progress of science and technology and the demands of the industrial world, the changes in departments are more rapid than those of other faculties. In recent years, new cross-disciplinary departments such as the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Materials Engineering, and the Department of Systems Innovation have been established.

Regarding graduate schools, a new system of graduate schools was established in 1953. At that time, there were five graduate schools: humanities, social sciences, mathematics, chemistry, and biology. In April 1965, the three graduate schools of mathematics and physics, chemistry, and biology were reorganized, and a total of five graduate schools were established, including the Graduate School of Engineering, Science, Agriculture, Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2].

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