Associate Professor:YOSHIOKA Hideki

Degree: Ph.D. (Engineering) (University of Tokyo)
Field of specialization: Building materials/Architectural fire protection engineering
Research themes: concrete, inorganic materials, organic materials, carbon neutrality, optimization, fire spread control

Specialized fields: Architectural fire protection engineering, urban fire protection

Specializing in architectural fire prevention engineering, I am researching the combustion properties of materials and components, gas toxicity during fires, the refinement of fire test methods and prediction techniques, and urban fire properties. The specific research themes that I have been involved in in recent years are as follows.

1.Research on clarification and countermeasures for the spread of fire on combustible exteriors (including fires on the facades of skyscrapers such as Grenfell Tower in the UK)
2.Research on evaluation and countermeasures for sustainability of fire safety performance of flame-retardant treated wood for exterior use
3.Research on evaluation and countermeasures against fire properties of sandwich panels for building interiors
4.Examination of effective countermeasures against fire caused by welding and fusing sparks scattering on insulation during construction
5. Toxicity Evaluation of Combustion Gases in Building Fires and Application to Evacuation Safety Design
6.Technical study to improve accuracy of data measurement during small-scale fire test
7. Development of a method for accurately predicting real-scale fire properties using fire CFD and small-scale test data
8.Examination of precise prediction methods for the spread of urban fires that occur during large earthquakes, strong winds, etc.

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