NOGUCHI Takafumi

Professor:OGUCHI Takafumi

Degree: Ph.D. (Engineering) (University of Tokyo)
Field of specialization: Building materials/Architectural fire protection engineering
Research themes: concrete, inorganic materials, organic materials, carbon neutrality, optimization, fire spread control

Professor, University of Tokyo, Ph.D. (Engineering)
54 PhD recipients supervised
Vice President, Architectural Institute of Japan, President, Architectural Finishing Society of Japan, Representative Director of Ready-Made Concrete and Residue Concrete Solution Technology Study Group (RRCS), Chair of ISO/TC71/SC8 (Environmental management for concrete and concrete structures), Vice-committee of fib Commission 7 (Sustainability) Chairman, ACI130 Committee
(Sustainability of Concrete) committee member, RILEM fellow member, Japan Concrete Institute fellow member

2013 Japan Society of Civil Engineers Publishing Culture Award, 2017 ACI The highest “Excellence Award in Concrete Construction”, 2018 fib Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structures in Building Category, 2019 Japan Society of Materials Research Paper Award, 2020 Cement Association Received numerous awards including the Best Paper Award and the 2021 Concrete Institute Technology Award.

Main research fields

  1. carbon neutral concrete
  2. Sustainable recycling of concrete and optimization of resource circulation
  3. Performance evaluation and reproduction preservation of historic reinforced concrete structures
  4. Durability design methods and optimal maintenance methods for buildings
  5. Smart sensing system to improve the sophistication and efficiency of concrete construction
  6. Flame spread evaluation method and suppression method during fire

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  1. 炭酸化速度
  2. さまざまな手法による空隙分布