BME Studio Press Release

BME Studio, which opened as part of the 2022 S term, became Japan’s first 3D concrete printing competition in collaboration with JR East and four 3D operators. The target was a bench to be installed at JR East’s Taikai Station, and the Faculty of Engineering issued a press release on December 28, late last year, to coincide with the opening of the station building.

Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo

建Promoting DX in the construction field: Commencement of service of station building benches modeled using 3D concrete printing – Holding industry-academia collaboration design competition and social implementation –

◆We held Japan’s first 3DCP design implementation competition within the framework of an industry-academia collaborative design exercise. ◆Two benches selected in the 3DCP design competition were installed at JR East Taikai Station. ◆It is believed that it will promote the spread of 3DCP and greatly contribute to the promotion of DX in the construction field.

Bench inside Taikai Station. The station is usually unmanned, but the stationmaster from the station next door happened to be there, so I asked him to take a photo. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Taikai coast is a few minutes walk away.

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