Cement technology competition


Mr. Kurihara (PD) and Mr. Sawa (D3) from Maruyama Lab and Mr. Shimoyama (M2) from Noguchi Lab attended the 77th Cement Technology Conference sponsored by the Cement Association of Japan, which was held from May 17th to 19th the other day. participated and gave research presentations with the following titles.

Mr. Kurihara “Basic study on the resorption behavior of cement paste using T1-T2 relaxation correlation measurement using 1H-NMR relaxometry”

Mr. Sawa: “The impact of World War II damage on the amount of CO2 absorbed by concrete in Japan”

Mr. Shimoyama “About the fresh properties and color development of mortar for 3D printing using non-standard tile powder”

Also, a paper submitted by Mr. Saeki (M2) of Maruyama Lab.

“Analysis of humidity dependence of carbonation reaction on hardened cement surface under atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration using infrared spectroscopy”

won the Cement Association Best Paper Award, and a commemorative performance was held to commemorate the award!

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