KOC 2022 (King of Concrete)

The report has been postponed for a while, but on September 20th (Tuesday), Shimoyama (M1) from Noguchi Lab and Saeki (M1) from Maruyama Lab will be attending “King of Concrete 2022” hosted by the Japan Concrete Institute. has participated. We will form a joint team with three members of the Social Infrastructure Concrete Research Institute and compete in four categories: strength, performance, CO2 emissions, and posters.

king of concrete

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As a result, we placed high in each category, including 1st place in the strength test and 2nd place in CO2 emissions, beating out other universities and winning the overall championship! The article was also featured in the Nikkan Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun. I want them to do their best and aim for first place next year.

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