SAITO Tsuyoshi

Project Associate Professor:SAITO Tsuyoshi

Research fields: Resource-Recycling Building Materials, Carbon Neutral, Chemistry of Building Materials, Analytical Chemistry

Our laboratory creates innovative building materials, that contribute to resource recycling and carbon neutral, based on “chemistry”.

Recent research examples include:

1) CO2 capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) by cement and concrete materials

2) Material design and system development of “recyclable cement”

3) Material design of new cementitious materials using calcined clay

4) Design and development of highly durable concrete based on 1.4nm tobermorite

5) Design and development of highly durable cementitious materials based on Alkali Activated Materials

6) Design and development of new cementitious materials based on C-A-S-H, zeolite, and stratlingite mixed phases

7) Microstructural analysis of C-(A)-S-H with equivariant differential heat of gas or water adsorption in the low relative pressure region

8) Microstructural analysis of C-(A)-S-H, using 43Ca, 29Si, 27Al-MAS NMR or Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

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