Publication list (2021-2022.09)

We have not updated the publication of papers from our laboratory for a while. Recently published papers are listed below.

Maruyama, I. (2022). Impact of drying on concrete and concrete structures. RILEM Technical Letters, 7(02), 1?11.

Wang, W., Noguchi, T., & Maruyama, I. (2022). Mitigation effect of lithium nitrate on the alkali-silica reaction in alkali-activated slag mortars. Cement and Concrete Composites, 130(October 2021), 104532.

Asai, T., Teshigawara, M., Yoshikawa, K., Kusunoki, K., Inai, E., Nagae, T., … Hiroshi, F. (2022). Yield displacement evaluation of RC buildings examined based on shaking table test. Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ), 87(795), 464?474.

Cheng, L., & Maruyama, I. (2022). Effect of relative humidity and temperature on steel corrosion rate in chloride contaminated mortar. Cement Science and Concrete Technology, 75(1), 225?232.

Kurihara, R., & Maruyama, I. (2022). Revisiting Tennis-Jennings method to quantify low-density / high-density calcium silicate hydrates in Portland cement pastes. Cement and Concrete Research, 156(April), 106786.

Wang, W., Noguchi, T., & Maruyama, I. (2022). Mechanism understanding of alkali-silica reaction in alkali- activated materials system. Cement and Concrete Research, 156(March), 106768.

Kurihara, R., & Maruyama, I. (2022). Surface area development of Portland cement paste during hydration : Direct comparison with 1 H NMR relaxometry and water vapor / nitrogen sorption. Cement and Concrete Research, 157(February), 106805.

Srimook, P., Maruyama, I., Shibuya, K., & Tomita, S. (2022). Evaluation of thermal crack width and crack spacing in massive reinforced concrete structures subject to external restraints using RBSM. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 274(August), 108800.

Aili, A., Maruyama, I., Geng, G., Umeki, S., Sumitani, K., Sawada, S., … Umeki, Y. (2022). Micro X‐ray diffraction and elemental study on Al‐tobermorite formation in aged modern concrete. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, (May), 1?14.

Maruyama, I., Fujimaki, T., Kurihara, R., Igarashi, G., & Ohkubo, T. (2022). Surface area changes in C3S paste during the first drying analyzed by 1H NMR relaxometry. Cement and Concrete Research, 156, 106762.

Cheng, L., Maruyama, I., & Ren, Y. (2021). Novel Accelerated Test Method for RH Dependency of Steel Corrosion in Carbonated Mortar. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 19(3), 207?215.

Samouh Shunsuke Ishikawa Osamu Kontani Kenta Murakami Shoji Nishimoto Kiyoteru Suzuki Ippei Maruyama, H., Samouh, H., Maruyama, A. I., Ishikawa, S., Kontani, O., Murakami, K., … Maruyama, I. (2021). Thermomechanical behavior of granite under 150 °C: experimental and numerical analysis. Materials and Structures 2021 54:6, 54(6), 1?16.

Yamada, K., Igarashi, G., Osawa, N., Kiran, R., Haga, K., Tomita, S., & Maruyama, I. (2021). Experimental Study Investigating the Effects of Concrete Conditions on the Penetration Behaviors of Cs and Sr at Low Concentration Ranges. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 19(6), 756?770.

Rahoui, H., Maruyama, I., Vandamme, M., Pereira, J.-M., & Mosquet, M. (2021). Impact of an SRA (hexylene glycol) on irreversible drying shrinkage and pore solution properties of cement pastes. Cement and Concrete Research, 143, 106227.

Tomita, S., Haga, K., Hosokawa, Y., Yamada, K., Igarashi, G., & Maruyama, I. (2021). Modeling of the Adsorption Behavior of Cs and Sr on Calcium Silicate Hydrates. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 19(10), 1061?1074.

Maruyama, I., Kishi, N., & Aili, A. (2021). The Relative Humidity Range for the Development of Irreversible Shrinkage in Hardened Cement Paste. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 19(June), 585?592.

Maruyama, I., Kotaka, W., Kien, B. N., Kurihara, R., Kanematsu, M., Hyodo, H., … Tsujino, M. (2021). A New Concept of Calcium Carbonate Concrete using Demolished Concrete and CO 2. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 19(October), 1052?1060.

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