Graduation thesis presentation

On Tuesday, December 7, one week after submitting their thesis, six students from the Institute of Materials Science successfully completed their graduation thesis presentations.

Below are the titles of the six students.

“Study on temperature and volume changes due to freezing of wood”

“Mixing design and basic physical properties of 3D printing mortar using waste roof tile aggregate”

“Quantification of material texture evaluation in illumination”

“Changes in Social Interest in Concrete as Seen from Analysis of Newspaper Articles”

“Proposal of new building materials that can be manufactured on-site on Mars using the binder effect of magnesium carbonate crystals during precipitation”

“Fundamental Research on CCC (Calcium Carbonate Concrete) Process”

It was almost my first experience to summarize the research results of about one year in the limited time of seven minutes. In addition, many of the professors, who were hearing the presentations for the first time, asked questions from different perspectives than usual seminars, which was a valuable opportunity for future research activities.

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