Completion inspection @ Hokuriku

Design: Spatial Concept, Structure: I have been involved in the material supervision of RC buildings in areas of heavy salt damage, which have been designed and supervised by KAP. Aiming for longer service life, lower carbonization, and rationalization of construction, please adopt the use of blast furnace cement and shrinkage reducing agent, determination of demolding timing based on accumulated temperature, and specification of temperature compensation value considering season and pouring. At the end of construction, I accompanied the designer for an inspection.

Even if it is not the application of newly developed special technology, I think that it is a concrete-related construction that has increased the number of adjustment items for designers, builders and everyone involved, but there are no cracks and no cracks. It was finished in a very beautiful space that made full use of the goodness of concrete.

A site that stands on the sea on the Sea of Japan side that sometimes turns into a blizzard

Exposed with plywood formwork

Various expressions of concrete, including cedar boards, were mastered

concrete and railing

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