Error factors during quantification of fixed CO2 in cementitious materials

A new paper has been published from Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology:
H. Takahashi, I. Maruyama, T. Ohkubo, R. Kitagaki, Y. Suda, A. Teramoto, K. Haga, T. Nagase, Error factors in quantifying Inorganic carbonate CO2 in concrete materials, J. Adv. Concr. Technol. 21 (2023) 789–802.

Based on the background of the current accelerated development of CO2 fixation in concrete, this study comprehensively shows what error factors can arise when trying to assess the amount of CO2 fixation by various methods, depending on the combination of concrete constituents and equipment/methods under consideration, and what are the mechanisms of these error factors. We believe that the number of measurements in various concrete fields will increase in the future, and if these error factors are taken into account, confusion and erroneous measurements will be reduced.

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