Microstructure evaluation using 1H NMR Relaxometry


New paper has been published from Cement and Concrete Composite:
S. Joseph, M. Mutti, T. Ohkubo, I. Maruyama, Ö. Cizer, Microstructural analysis of cement paste blended with blast furnace slag using 1H NMR relaxometry, Cement and Concrete Composites. 146 (2024) 105377.

This paper compares the pore structure evaluated using 1H NMR Relaxometry for various hardened cements containing industrial by-products with other methods, revealing the superiority of 1H NMR Relaxometry. Conventional methods, such as the mercury injection method, require pre-drying for pore evaluation, which causes a volume change in the cement hydrates, preventing a correct evaluation of the pore structure. In contrast, 1H NMR Relaxometry can use water as a probe as it is, allowing for the proper evaluation of various pore structures. In the future, understanding the correct pore structure is expected to significantly contribute to the prediction and evaluation of durability in reinforced concrete structures.

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